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City of Oak Ridge Boards and Commissions are authorized by City Council. At present, there are 17 such boards and commissions in the City, but the Council can create other boards as it deems necessary. Oak Ridge residency is required for appointment to a City Board or Commission (except for the Oak Ridge Convention and Visitors Bureau’s Hotel/Motel Representation and the Trade Licensing Board, under certain circumstances), and the members serve without compensation.

A resident of the City desiring to be a candidate for Council appointments to a board or a commission must submit the required application to the City Clerk’s Office in the Municipal Building by the deadline advertised. Additional information may be included as part of the application process.  The application process will be posted on the City Clerk’s Departmental website outlining said information. A city-wide recruitment process will take place prior to the deadline and will include ads, press releases, and various website posts on the City’s website.

An end-of-year election will occur at a regular meeting of City Council held in January with the agenda packet containing all information received from applicants during the recruitment, sample ballot(s) or ballots, as well as an attendance record of interested incumbents for their most recent term of office. Following the election, appropriate letters shall be sent to all applicants from the City Clerk informing them of the outcome of the special meeting of City Council.

If you need an accessible entrance to the Municipal Building for a public meeting (the main public entrance requires the ability to walk up several steps), there is an accessible entrance on the far end of the south side of the building near the City Clerk’s Office. This entrance is a secured entrance, so please call (865) 425-5377 upon arrival for assistance.

Procedure for Requesting to Speak on a Meeting Agenda Item


The Chair shall recognize a citizen’s opportunity to comment on items that are under consideration by the Council as part of the formal agenda.  The Chair shall recognize members of the public after all Council members have been given an opportunity to be heard on an individual item.  A citizen will raise his/her hand, and, after recognition by the Chair, proceed to the public lectern and state his/her name and address.  Upon recognition by the Chair, members of the public may speak for up to three (3) minutes.  Written statements may also be filed with the City Clerk who shall distribute them to the Council at the earliest possible time.

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