The Oak Ridge Greenways project is an effort to weave natural corridors through the City to community resources such as parks, schools, cultural centers, shopping areas, and areas of employment. The greenways are founded on three principles. First, where possible, the greenways follow natural corridors such as floodway zones or existing right-of-ways thus reducing conflicts with private land holdings. Second, the greenways are conceived as interconnected loops. Finally, the greenways are conceptually designed to connect those areas and resources which are of value to Oak Ridgers and which distinguish Oak Ridge as a special place in which to live. These areas include the striking natural landscape of the city, it's neighborhoods, schools, parks, cultural facilities, and places of work and commerce.

For a more detailed description of Oak Ridge Greenways visit the following sites:
Greenways Home
Google Map of Greenways

Greenway Walk/Jog Pets Bicycle Skates Horseback
  North Ridge Trail  Y Y N N N
  Cedar Hill  Y Y N N N
  Pine Grove  Y Y N N N
  Emory Valley  Y Y Y Y N
  Gallaher Bend  Y Y Y N N
  Melton Lake  Y Y Y Y N
  Big Turtle Park  Y Y N N N
  Worthington  Y Y N N N
  North Boundary  Y Y Y N N
 Wildflower   Y Y N N N
 Haw Ridge   Y Y Y N N
 Black Oak Ridge  Y N Y N N