Residential Licenses & Permits

building, electrical and plumbing permits: 

Building, electrical and plumbing permits are available from the City's Community Development Department Code Enforcement Division.  For information on these permits, please call (865) 425-3532 or click here:

Permit Information

Burn Permit:

A residential burn permit may be issued over the phone from the Oak Ridge Fire Department.  Weather conditions such as wind and rain affect the ability of the Fire Department to issue a burn permit.  The State Fire Marshall has the authority to ban opening burning at any time.  Certain requirements must be met before a burn permit can be issued, such as only brush and leaves may be burned and the fire must be extinguished before dark.  Please call the Fire Station closest to you for issuance of a burn permit:

  • Fire Station #1 (West): (865) 425-3911 
  • Fire Station #2 (East): (865) 425-3912
  • Fire Station #3 (Central): (865) 425-3913
  • Fire Station #4 (ETTP): (865) 425-3914
  • Fire Department Headquarters (Municipal Building): (865) 425-3520
home occupation:

The Zoning Ordinance contains certain requirements and restrictions for home occupations.  If you would like conduct a business from your home, please contact Monica Austin Carroll at (865) 425-3581 for details.