City Manager's Office

Mark S. Watson, PH.D.

City Manager
(865) 425-3550

jack suggs

Deputy City Manager
(865) 425-3550

Kristy Wilkerson

Administrative Assistant
(865) 425-3550

Amy Fitzgerald, PH.D.

Government Affairs and
Information Services Director

(865) 425-3546

Lauren Gray

Sr. Communications Specialist
(865) 425-3576

Eric Ault

Assistant To The City Manager
(865) 425-3420

Monday through Friday
Open from 8:00 AM until 5:00 PM

Municipal Building

200 South Tulane Avenue, Oak Ridge, TN 37830
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City Manager's Office:
The City Charter establishes the City Manager as the chief executive officer of the City. The City Manager is appointed by and serves at the pleasure of City Council. The City Manager is responsible for planning, organizing, directing, controlling, and evaluating the operations of the municipal government in order to implement Council policies in an effective, and economic manner. In carrying out these responsibilities, the Manager advises and initiates Council-determined policy. The City Manager oversees the enforcement of all ordinances and state Mandated requirements. The City Manager appoints and removes department heads and employees on the basis of evaluation and accomplishments; exercise control.  The City Manager provides supervision over all departments; prepares and recommends annual operating and capital improvement budgets.  The City Manager recommends legislation that appears necessary and desirable; advises Council of the financial conditions and future needs of the City; informing the public through various reports to Council.  The City Manager represents the City with the public, the press, and other governmental and private agencies.