Oak Ridge Police Department promotes “Slow Down Tennessee” to reduce speeding-related crashes

OAK RIDGE, Tenn. (April 15, 2021) – The City of Oak Ridge Police Department is partnering with the Tennessee Highway Safety Office (THSO) to promote “Slow Down Tennessee”. From April 16 to April 30, Oak Ridge Police will increase education, awareness, and enforcement efforts to help reduce speeding-related crashes, injuries, and fatalities statewide.

Just this year, the City of Oak Ridge Police Department has seen 254 crashes, 56 of those with injuries, and 1 fatal crash.

“These numbers are still high, and we are always working to reduce crashes,” said Oak Ridge Police Sergeant and Tennessee Highway Safety Office Network Coordinator Matthew Johnston.

Of those crashes, speed was a factor in 10 of them, 5 with injuries reported, and 5 resulting in damage to property or vehicles.

“We need to strive to make it to our destination and make it there safe. Speed is a major contributor to crashes today – couple that with distracted driving and we have a recipe for disaster. Put your phones down, slow down, and make a plan to be safe,” said Sgt. Johnston.

The Oak Ridge Police Department will be increasing enforcement during the peak times that speed-related crashes have occurred. Officers will be out in force to help save lives.

The State of Tennessee requires motorists to always exercise due care and maintain a safe speed while driving. Speed limits may vary depending on the county and road conditions; therefore, drivers must always pay attention and adhere to posted speed limits to ensure the safety of all roadway users.

For more information about speeding, visit www.tntrafficsafety.org/slow.