Masks now required in Oak Ridge City Court

OAK RIDGE, Tenn. (PUBLISHED: May 8, 2020, UPDATED: July 10, 2020) – City of Oak Ridge in-person court proceedings resumed May 11 with precautions due to COVID-19.

The following measures are being taken for the health and safety of all citizens:

·       One person will be allowed in the courtroom at a time, in addition to the judge and other courtroom staff

·       You may bring an attorney and witnesses with you for contested citations; however, other non-essential persons will not be permitted inside the building with you

·       Everyone will be temperature-screened prior to entry

·       Everyone will remain 6 feet apart, even while waiting in line to enter the courtroom

·       All persons in court are now required to wear face coverings or masks; gloves are advised

There are some instances where you may be able to handle a citation over the phone. Therefore, it is important that only those who need to physically appear before the judge show up at court.

You’re encouraged to call the Court Clerk’s Office at (865) 425-3536 prior to your scheduled hearing for guidance on the following:

·       If you’d like to pay a ticket in advance

·       If you have a physical disability that would prevent you from being able to walk up steps or you have a compromised immune system and don’t want to risk exposure to the virus

·       If you’re unsure if or when you need appear in court

All cases scheduled during the time court was closed due to COVID-19 have been reset by the City Court Clerk’s Office. Notifications of the new court date were sent by mail to the address listed on the citation(s). If you did not receive notification of a new court date by April 1, please contact the City Court Clerk’s Office.

For more information, call the City Court Clerk’s Office at (865) 425-3536.