Waste Connections Suspends Glass Recycling


The City of Oak Ridge Public Works Department has received notice from Waste Connections of Tennessee that glass will no longer be accepted for recycling at the Convenience Center in Oak Ridge.

The last day glass will be accepted at the facility will be Thursday, August 29, 2019. Beginning Friday, August 30, glass should be placed with regular trash. Signs are being posted at the Convenience Center to alert residents of the change, which comes after the processor of recyclables in Knoxville announced it would no longer take glass from recycling suppliers including Waste Connections.

Glass recycling was also suspended from the curbside pickup program in 2017 as part of an effort to maintain a strong recycling program. At that time, Waste Connections representatives cited several reasons for the change including that glass was causing damage to equipment and no longer had a market as a recyclable material.

The Waste Connections Convenience Center is located at 400 Warehouse Road in Oak Ridge. Anyone with additional questions or requests for information can contact Waste Connections of Tennessee at (865) 482-3656 or visit www.WasteConnectionsTN.com.