ORFD Warns of Fraudulent Carbon Monoxide Safety Campaign

POSTED: JULY 19, 2019

The Oak Ridge Fire Department is warning residents about a potentially fraudulent safety campaign. Firefighters were made aware this week that an unknown person claiming to be with the fire department is going to door-to-door, attempting to speak with homeowners about carbon monoxide detectors.

The Oak Ridge Fire Department is not currently operating any door-to-door safety campaigns in our area. ORFD personnel will also never try to sell items to residents.

ORFD did have representatives visiting homes earlier this year as part of a smoke alarm safety campaign, but that effort has ended. When organizing any door-to-door outreach efforts, ORFD will always notify the community ahead of time.

If you are approached by someone claiming to represent the Oak Ridge Fire Department and you are unsure if they are legitimate, you can call ORFD at (865) 425-3520 during business hours. For questions after hours, call the non-emergency dispatch number at (865) 425-4399.

If you feel like you might be in danger, call 911.