Halloween Safety Reminders for Parents

POSTED: October 30, 2018

Halloween is almost here and the Oak Ridge Police Department is sharing some important reminders for parents about safety.

1. Make sure your child is carrying a flashlight and/or flashing light with reflective material so they are visible. Also, make sure to replace batteries before heading out.

2. Always accompany children during “trick-or-treating.” Never let a young child go alone. If you have older children, pre-plan a route they may travel and set a curfew to return.

3. Only go into areas you and your child are familiar with.

4. Remind children to follow the rules around street crossings: look both ways and only cross at intersections and crosswalks when safe to do so.

5. Attach your child’s name, address and phone number to their costume in the event you get separated at any point. 

6. Make sure your child knows how to call 911 in case they become lost or have an emergency.

7. Keep your house “kid friendly” by turning on all lights, removing obstacles from all walking areas and keep your pets restrained.

8. Only go to homes where porch lights are on and never enter from a carport or garage. Don't ever go inside unaccompanied by an adult.

9. Remain in groups.

10. Only travel in well-lit areas.

11. Call the police if you see anything suspicious.

12. If driving, slow down and be very alert and aware of your surroundings.

13. Carry a fully charged cell phone.

Have a fun and safe Halloween this year!