Campaign Sign Rules & Regulations Reminder for Oak Ridge

August 3, 2018

The City of Oak Ridge is reminding citizens and political campaign staff that the display of campaign signs is regulated under the City of Oak Ridge Zoning Ordinance, which specifies how and where signs can legally be placed.

Local and state political campaign representatives should ensure that their signs are properly sized and located according to the ordinance, which can be accessed on the City of Oak Ridge website at

Please be aware that time limitations are also part of the ordinance. The constraints are as follows:

  • Legally placed signs are allowed only THIRTY (30) days prior to the start of early voting
  • All signs must be removed within FIVE (5) days after an election

As per the above guidelines, all signs related to the August 2nd election must be removed no later than August 7th.

Anyone with questions regarding City of Oak Ridge policy on campaign signs can contact the Community Development Department by phone at (865) 425-3531 or by emailing