Turtle Park Sewer Rehabilitation Project Update

NOVEMBER 9, 2017

Sewer rehabilitation will continue for the week of November 13, 2017, with Hurst Excavating, LLC, working under contract for the City of Oak Ridge to rehabilitate sewer collection pipes in the Turtle Park Sewer Shed (click to see map).

Areas affected by phase two of the project include City easements in yards and in roadways.

Drivers, pedestrians and cyclists are urged to use extreme care and caution when traveling on streets included in the sewer work area. Temporary road repairs will be made and loose gravel should be expected until the patches are permanently paved.

Construction work scheduled for the week beginning Monday, November 13, 2017, includes the following locations:

-Beverly Circle  -Monticello Road
  -Briar Road -North Seneca Road  
-Bunker Lane   -North Walker Lane
  -East Wadsworth Circle  -Sanford Lane
  -Louisiana Avenue  -Wainwright Road
  -Macon Lane   -Wendover Circle
  -Montclair Road  -Willow Lane

All construction work is subject to change based on such unknowns as weather, equipment and access issues. Residents should have already received door hangers on bright orange paper providing general details about the project as well as the contractor’s contact information.

Additional questions can be directed to the Public Works Department by calling (865) 425-1875 or by emailing PubWorksDis@OakRidgeTN.gov. Hurst Excavating can be reached at (865) 922-6142.