Safety Message from the Oak Ridge Electric Department

November 3, 2017

As the days get shorter and daylight saving time comes to an end this Sunday, November 5, people will be finding themselves outdoors in the dark more often.

The City of Oak Ridge Electric Department has some safety reminders to share with citizens as we approach the time change:

  • Always use sidewalks. If a sidewalk is not present and you must walk on the side of the street, be sure to walk facing traffic. 
  • Wear light or reflective clothing to be more visible, but never assume that vehicles can see you. 
  • Avoid distracted walking at night. Mobile devices can both draw your attention away from your surroundings and dampen your night vision. 
  • Carry a lightweight flashlight or even an LED headlamp to help you see trip hazards and find your way.

Many people find that walking in areas with street lights is more comfortable and potentially safer. The City operates over 5,200 lights for this purpose. Although street lights do not provide constant illumination, they do provide general guidance for drivers as to where the roadway is headed and places of refuge for walkers.

The City of Oak Ridge relies largely on citizen reports to learn when street lights are either “out” or are cycling on and off. If you notice a street light out, you can report it by calling (865) 425-1803 or by visiting the Oak Ridge Electric Department website at and clicking the “report a problem” tab.

Street lights are normally repaired within a week of the report. However, in underground areas, planning for and excavating a bad buried electrical cable frequently takes more time.