Library Hosts "Big Science" Photo Exhibit for Month of June

June 9, 2017

NOTE: The library will be closed for Secret City Festival activities on Friday, June 9, and Saturday, June 10.

The art exhibit at Oak Ridge Public Library for the month of June is a display entitled Big Science, a collection of photographs from the library’s Oak Ridger Collection.

These 8x10 images range in date from 1944 to the present and demonstrate a variety of research projects at Oak Ridge National Laboratory through the years.

As attendees will see, big machines are the norm in fusion reactor experiments and massive amounts of test tubes are needed for research in environmental science.

Several of the photographs show the early processing and shipment of isotopes during the late 1940s. The image of the ELMO (Electromagnetic Orbit) Bumpy Torus, a series of magnetic mirrors that are twisted and connected end-to-end to form a magnetic fusion device, reveals how it received its “Bumpy” name.

Everyone is invited to visit and enjoy this historic photo collection at Oak Ridge Public Library during the month of June.

About Oak Ridge Public Library:
Oak Ridge Public Library is located at 1401 Oak Ridge Turnpike. The library serves a community of nearly 30,000 and features a Children’s Room with special programming as well as an extensive archive facility with materials dating back to the early days of Oak Ridge and the Manhattan Project. You can reach them at (865) 425-3455.