Family Escapes House Fire Thanks to Smoke Alarm

February 17, 2017

An Oak Ridge family of three was able to get to safety overnight thanks to a smoke alarm that was installed in their home by the Oak Ridge Fire Department.

The structure fire at 128 Newberry Circle was reported to 911 at 1:10 a.m. on Friday, February 17, 2017. Upon arrival, firefighters found the fire to be mostly extinguished with moderate smoke throughout the home.

The residents said after the smoke alarm woke them up, they found the fire and poured a pan of water on it as they dialed 911 and exited the home. The two adults and one child were waiting outside the house when firefighters arrived. The first crew on the scene finished extinguishing the fire and cleared the home of smoke.

There were no injuries, but the home had moderate smoke damage. The Oak Ridge Fire Department installed the smoke alarms in this home as a part of our Community Risk Reduction and Fire Prevention program. This incident serves as yet another example of smoke alarms saving lives.

The Red Cross also responded and placed in the residents in lodging for the remainder of the night.

If you are in need of smoke alarms in your home, call the Oak Ridge Fire Department Headquarters at (865) 425-3520 to schedule a visit from the smoke alarm program staff. There is no charge for the visit or for the smoke alarms installed by the department.