Burn Ban in Place Due to Severe Drought Conditions

November 7, 2016

Due to the severe drought in our area, there is and has been a ban on open fires within the City of Oak Ridge. This also includes recreational fires. This ban will be in effect until further notice.

The burning practices of you and your neighbors can contribute to the risk of property loss from wildfire. The number one cause of wildfires in Tennessee is escaped debris burning fires.

You can protect your home from wildfires by being “fire wise,” such as keeping decks free of leaves, pine needles and other debris. You should also clear leaves and other debris out from under any decking around your home. 

The Oak Ridge Fire Department would like to remind everyone that it is unlawful to have an open burn within the city without a burn permit or during a burning ban.

Tips and information on protecting your home from wildfire can be found at