The City of Oak Ridge Healthy Waters Program is seeking volunteers to adopt small, manageable groups of trees to water on a weekly basis from mid-May through September. These trees were planted during 50K Tree Day where over 120 volunteers joined with the Healthy Waters Program to plant over 600 trees near Haw Ridge Park in February. By adopting a manageable number of trees, together we can make sure make sure the seedlings grow into beautiful, mature trees that will provide clean air and water for many years to come.

Volunteers will learn how to access and water their trees on May 7 at 1:30pm at the Adopt-A-Tree Kickoff located at 299 Old Edgemoor Road. Volunteers will be able to mark their adopted trees with flagging tape and learn the basics of caring for the seedlings. There is a water source on-site.  For more details and to sign up, please fill out the online volunteer form at

The Healthy Waters Program is an outreach program within the Stormwater Division of the Public Works Department. This program aims to educate the community on how to enhance the quality of our local waterways, address water quantity issues within our City, and to enrich the natural habitat in our urban area. Please email any questions to the Healthy Waters Program at or you may call (865) 425-1875.