October 21,2015 - The City of Oak Ridge Public Works Department anticipates beginning the process of resurfacing City streets as listed below on October 27, 2015. Motorists, pedestrians and cyclists are urged to use extra care and caution when traveling on the following streets: 

Street Name

From Street

To Street

Access Road 1

Karen's Jewelers

Rocky Top

Access Road 3


Taco Bell

Bear Creek Road, West

1510 Bear Creek Road

Hwy 58 Ramp

Division Road, East

Oak Ridge Turnpike

270 South

Vanderbilt Drive, East

Villanova Road

Illinois Avenue, S.

Vanderbilt Drive, West

Oak Ridge Turnpike

Virginia Road

Vanderbilt Drive, West 1

Villanova Road

Virginia Road

Elmhurst Drive

Briarcliff Avenue

Eastridge Drive

East Drive 4

Audubon Road

Athens Road

East Drive 3

Alger Road

Audubon Road

Alger Road 2

Amherst Lane

East Drive

Prior to resurfacing, the City's contractor, Rogers Group, Inc., will perform various types of milling work on many of the streets in preparation for resurfacing.  Wedge milling will be performed on the streets receiving conventional resurfacing in order for the new pavement surface to match up with the bordering curb and gutter.  Whole width milling will be done on a few of the streets receiving conventional resurfacing in order to remove a deteriorated and older overlay, which allows for new pavement to closer match up with the curb and gutter surface.

Residents of the streets being milled and/or resurfaced should receive a notice advising them to have all vehicles removed from their street by 7:00am on the day of the scheduled milling and/or resurfacing.

Residents planning on being out of town during the resurfacing period are advised to move their vehicles off of the street before they leave. Vehicles remaining on the street the day of the scheduled work are subject to being towed at the owner’s expense. After receiving notice, residents should not park their vehicles on the streets where work is scheduled until after all work has been completed. Please note that inclement weather may cause delays and/or changes to the schedule.

Questions can be directed to the Public Works Department at (865) 425-1875 or you may email pubworksdis@oakridgetn.gov