The City Clerk’s Office is currently accepting applications from interested citizens to serve as a member of a board and commission as part of the city’s end-of-year election. 

This year’s application process is similar to previous years in that interested residents must complete a 2015 Boards and Commissions Application available on the City Clerk’s departmental website or by visiting Applicants may also attach additional documents that includes cover letters, references, and resumes to their application.  The application allows residents to choose and rank their top three (3) board choices for membership consideration.

Paper editions of the on-line application are also available in the City Clerk’s Office located in Room Number 109 in the Municipal Building.

Currently, the city is recruiting membership for 16 boards and commissions that include:

¨    Anderson County Community Action Commission

¨    Anderson County Economic Development Association

¨    [Oak Ridge] Beer Permit Board

¨    Board of Building and Housing Code Appeals

¨    Board of Zoning Appeals

¨    [Oak Ridge] Convention and Visitors Bureau

¨    Environmental Quality Advisory Board

¨    Health and Educational Facilities Board

¨    Oak Ridge Housing Authority

¨    Oak Ridge Land Bank Corporation Board of Directors

¨    Oak Ridge Municipal Planning Commission

¨    Personnel Advisory Board

¨    Recreation and Parks Advisory Board

¨    Senior Advisory Board

¨    Trade Licensing Board

¨    Traffic Safety Advisory Board

“It is at this time each year that the city begins the large recruitment to fill current vacancies and end-of-year expiring terms for our boards and commissions, and it is an exciting time,” remarked Oak Ridge City Manager Mark Watson.  “We are always excited to see the level of commitment that the residents have for their community by volunteering to serve and we look forward to the work and recommendations that will come in the following year that will continue to better Oak Ridge.”

To be considered, completed applications must be submitted to the City Clerk’s Office by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, November 20, 2015; late applications or submissions will not be considered.

Additionally, the City will be retaining all applications received during this process for calendar year 2016 mid-year and needed quorum appointments.

Interested residents can learn more about the purpose and composition of the different boards by visiting the city’s website.  The website also contains information as to the boards’ meeting schedules and any special qualifications for membership to specific boards.  Residents can also contact the City Clerk’s Office at (865) 425-3411 with any questions or to discuss this year’s application process.