American Water Resources of Tennessee has once again mailed a solicitation for service line insurance to Oak Ridge homeowners. This did not come from the City of Oak Ridge, nor does the City endorse this type of coverage; therefore, homeowners should be advised of the following:

The City of Oak Ridge does not maintain any part of a homeowner’s sewer lateral. If a homeowner decides to purchase the coverage for sewer offered by American Water Resources of Tennessee, they will need to make sure the coverage is for the entire sewer lateral from the house to the City’s main line;

Insurance coverage such as this usually only covers repairs due to pipe collapse or total pipe blockage;

Just like any insurance, homeowners need to be sure they know what repairs will be covered under the policy, in addition to what is not covered.

Questions concerning this coverage should be directed to American Water Resources of Tennessee at the toll free number provided on the solicitation and not the City of Oak Ridge.

Should you have any other questions or comments not pertaining to the solicitation, please contact the City of Oak Ridge, Public Works Department at 425.1875, or you may email: