As a requirement of the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) program, mandated by the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC), the City of Oak Ridge Public Works Department will begin conducting an inventory of the City stormwater system.  The survey requires documenting all facets of the stormwater system, including, but not limited to streams, ditches, pipe inlets and outlets, catch basins and detention basins.  This survey may take several years to complete.

To conduct the survey, the City has partnered with the University of Tennessee and Roane State Community College to utilize interns who are enrolled in the environmental sciences and GIS programs.  These students will drive marked City vehicles, carry ID badges and will never need to enter a home or business.  Currently, the interns are working for the City Monday through Thursday each week.

The survey will begin in the southeast corner of the City and include the following areas:

  • Rivers Run Subdivision
  • Park Meade Subdivision
  • Centennial Golf Course
  • Centennial Village Apartments
  • Haw Ridge
  • Edgemoor Road

Additional information concerning the stormwater program is available on the City’s website: .  Questions or comments can be sent to or call 865-425-3497.

Media contact Candice Brogan at or 865-425-3546.