The Oak Ridge Fire Department wants to check your smoke alarms and has now made it even easier for them to do that. The Oak Ridge Fire Department has provided a new link that people can use to schedule a time for firefighters to come and check their smoke alarms.  Citizens can visit the Oak Ridge Fire Department website at and click on the smoke alarm program link on the right of the page or they can use the QR code provided below and then click on the smoke alarm picture.  Clicking the smoke alarm picture will take citizens to a form they can fill out with their name, address, and phone number.  A fire department member will call the resident to coordinate a time that is convenient for them when the fire department can come out and check their smoke alarms.  

Chief Josh Waldo stated, “We are fortunate through support of our firefighters association and federal grants that we can provide this service to citizens free of charge.  We want citizens to be safe in their homes and sometimes this requires some education.”  Residents should have working smoke alarms in every bedroom, directly outside of every bedroom, and at least one on each floor of their residence.  

If residents have smoke alarms in their home, the fire department wants to make sure they have enough and that they are working properly.  If residents don’t have enough smoke alarms or any are found to not be working correctly, the ORFD will replace or add smoke alarms free of charge.  

For additional information please contact Deputy Chief Josh Waldo @ 865-382-7267