Senate Passes Legislation to Establish Manhattan Project National Historical Park
“Oak Ridge Included in New Model for National Park”

The City of Oak Ridge is extremely pleased to learn that the United States Senate has passed the National Defense Authorization Act, which includes a provision to establish the Manhattan Project National Historical Park. The legislation, which passed the House of Representatives on December 4th, designates sites in Oak Ridge, Los Alamos, New Mexico, and Hanford, Washington as a three-site National Park. The legislation will go to the President for signature, which could occur within the next few days.

“This is a great day for the City of Oak Ridge, and for all Tennesseans,” said Oak Ridge Mayor,  Warren Gooch. “The legislation recognizes the Manhattan Project as one of the most significant events in U.S. History, with assets and history that must be preserved. We are grateful for the support of our congressional delegation, especially Senator Lamar Alexander and Congressman Chuck Fleischmann, who introduced and co-sponsored legislation that established the park. I also want to acknowledge the efforts of our Council members, past and present, who have contributed to this achievement, particularly former Mayor Tom Beehan.”

Oak Ridge City Manager, Mark Watson, added, “Our community has worked toward this goal for more than a decade, helping educate decision makers on the need to preserve the history of the Manhattan Project, and how that history shaped the science and technical innovation that Oak Ridge is known for today. We look forward to partnering with the National Park Service and the Department of Energy to show how our City can be a model for a 21st Century National Park.”

The National Park Service conducted a detailed study, completed in 2011, with the recommendation by the Secretary of the Interior that a “three-site, one-park” concept was both feasible and warranted to help interpret the Manhattan Project.

The City of Oak Ridge has advocated for the park for many years, alongside community organizations including the Oak Ridge Heritage and Preservation Association, the American Museum of Science and Energy Foundation, and the East Tennessee Economic Council. The City has also worked diligently with the Los Alamos and Hanford communities through its membership in the Energy Communities Alliance.

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