The City of Oak Ridge Public Works Department anticipates resurfacing the following city streets beginning September 23, 2014:

  • Alder Lane
  • Amanda Drive from Adelphi Road to dead end
  • Arrowwood Road, East and West
  • Balboa Circle
  • Baltimore Drive from Emory Valley Road to Baylor Drive
  • Baylor Drive
  • Briarcliff Avenue from Danbury Drive to S. Columbia Drive
  • Briarcliff Avenue from S. Columbia Drive to Emory Valley Road
  • Daniel Lane
  • Endicott Lane
  • Fairbanks Road from Warehouse Road to Emory Valley Road
  • Florida Avenue from Outer Drive to Tennessee Avenue
  • Northwestern Avenue from Rutgers Avenue to Gettysburg Avenue
  • ORAU Way         
  • Phillips Lane
  • Potomac Circle
  • Robertsville Road from East Melbourne Road to Bradley Avenue
  • Robertsville Road from Mississippi Avenue to Louisiana Avenue
  • Scenic Drive
  • Wakefield Road
  • Wakeman Lane

The City's contractor, Rogers Group, will perform various types of milling work on many of the streets prior to the resurfacing.  “Wedge” milling will be performed on some of the streets receiving the conventional resurfacing in order for the new pavement surface to match up with the bordering curb and gutter.  “Whole width” milling will be done on a few of the streets receiving the conventional resurfacing in order to remove a deteriorated and older overlay allowing for the new pavement to closer match up with the curb and gutter surface.

Residents of the streets being milled and/or resurfaced should receive a notice advising them to have all vehicles removed from the street by 7:00 a.m. on the day of the scheduled milling and/or resurfacing.  Citizens should expect multiple inconveniences due to various phases of the paving operation.

Residents planning on being out of town during the resurfacing period are advised to move their vehicles off of the street before they leave.  Vehicles remaining on the street on the day of the work are subject to being towed.

Inclement weather may cause the schedule to change.  After receiving the notice, residents should not park their vehicles on the streets until after the work has been completed.

The Public Works Department apologizes for any inconvenience this work may cause area residents.  Residents with any questions or comments can call the Public Works Department at (865) 425-1875.

Media contact: Candice Brogan at (865) 425-3546 or