Every year, the Oak Ridge Police Department receives numerous calls about pets left in parked cars during hot weather.  People may believe that a quick stop will not harm their pet; however, in those few minutes the temperature in the car can reach 115 degrees on an 85 degree day, even with the windows cracked.

Dogs and cats cool themselves by panting and by releasing heat through their paws.  On summer days the air and upholstery in a vehicle can heat up to high temperatures that make it impossible for pets to cool themselves.

You can help save animals from suffering or dying in hot cars:

  • Leave pets at home during hot summer months.
  • If you see an animal alone in a vehicle during warm weather, call Animal Control at (865) 425-3423 or dial 911.  Animal Control and/or Police officers will respond as soon possible.

For more information, contact the Oak Ridge Animal Shelter at (865) 425-3423.

Media contact: Candice Brogan at (865) 425-3546 or cbrogan@oakridgetn.gov.