The Oak Ridge City Council adopted a City Ordinance (Title 13 Chapter 5) to establish a Residential Rental Dwelling Unit Inspections Program in an effort to improve the rental housing market within the City.  In August 2013, as part of the “Not in Our City” initiative, the existing Manhattan District Overlay (MDO) area was identified as being the geographic region of the city that is now subject to the provisions of this ordinance.

Property owners and tenants within the MDO will be receiving a letter explaining the Rental Registration Program and inspections that will follow in this area.  This letter will contain all the needed information and should arrive within a week.

For more information contact the Community Development Department (865) 425-3531. A color coded map of the MDO area can be found here.

Rental Registration webpage:

Media contact: Candice Brogan at or (865) 425-3546.