The City of Oak Ridge has received numerous reports of cast iron water meter box risers and lids disappearing from various properties throughout the city.  These lids and risers are city-owned property. Without these items in place, water meters could freeze and leave customers without water; therefore, creating an issue for city crews to repair.  It also creates a safety hazard for pedestrians with the possibility of stepping in the exposed meter box and being injured.  They are very costly to replace.

City Staff is asking area residents and the general public for their assistance.  No one should be removing these lids except city crews and they will be in an easily identifiable by their City of Oak Ridge vehicle.  If you see any unusual activity on city streets or around buildings including anyone removing lids or metal covers from city-owned property, call the Oak Ridge Police Department immediately at (865) 425-4399.


Questions or comments can be directed to the City of Oak Ridge, Public Works Department at (865) 425-1875.


News media contact: Candice Brogan at (865) 425-3546 or