Beginning the week of January 13, 2014, Hurst Excavating, working under contract for the City of Oak Ridge, will be rehabilitating the City’s sewer collection pipes within City easements in yards and in roadways.  Homeowner’s should have already received color coordinated (Orange and Purple) letters and door hangers providing general information with each contractor contact information.

Below is a list of street areas work will be conducted in the next week’s activities.  Inclement weather may cause the schedule to change.

East Plant III, Hurst Excavating - Orange, 865-922-6142

  • Firestone Road
  • Florida Avenue
  • Georgia Avenue
  • Thelma Road

East Plant IV, Morgan Contracting, Inc. – Purple, 865-249-8640, Ext, 103

  • Mead Lane
  • Meadow Road
  • Maple Lane
  • Mayfair Lane
  • Michigan Avenue
  • Malvern Road
  • Marion Road

Questions or comments can be directed to the City of Oak Ridge, Public Works Department, via email or call 865-425-3495.  More detailed information may also be located at

News media contact: Candice Brogan at (865) 425-3546 or