The City of Oak Ridge Youth Advisory Board members recently voted to spend time and money Christmas shopping at Kmart for area children through Mission of Hope.  The board raises funds at various events throughout the year to make this possible.  In total the board spent $1639.78 on gifts.  The City YAB would like to encourage other student groups and families to consider holiday projects that help those in need, while also reminding everyone to shop in Oak Ridge this holiday season!

Pictured above L to R:  Abby Douglas, Lara de Almedia, Ellie Brown, Wes Robinson, Koren Foglesanger, Jared Galloway, Candace Pang, Shichen Zhang, Ricky Goyette, Peter Magill, Laura Skipper, Shelby Chambers, Curtis Rookard, Lauren Collier, Megan Peters, Caroline Bradshaw, Lewis Wang, Ashley Riedy, Shane Harris, and Esten Dunn.


For more information about the City Youth Advisory Board visit or contact Matt Reedy at (865) 425-3442.

News media contact Candice Brogan at (865) 425-3546 or