UPDATE FROM WASTE CONNECTIONS: due to the rain followed by extreme cold the leaves are frozen. The leaf pickup is one week behind schedule and the probable completion date is January 20, 2014.


City collection efforts will follow the accompanying schedule as closely as possible.  The proposed schedule is a general guide and can vary considerably from the actual schedule due to the amount of leaves and weather conditions.

Residents have always been very cooperative and we ask for their continued cooperation this year by following a few guidelines:                  

  • Residents should place their leaves near, but not beyond the curb.  Leaves must not to be placed on the sidewalk or in the street, parking spaces or drainage ditches due to posing a pedestrian or traffic hazard and possibly clogging the storm drains. Hazards that are created by improperly placed leaves will be removed by the City at the resident's expense.
  • Leaves must be free of tree branches and twigs as these can cause the leaf vacuums to clog.  Because of their impact on production, leaf piles found to contain these items will not be picked up. 
  • All leaves must be placed outside fenced areas.  If there is no other location on your property to rake your leaves then rake them to the end/side of your driveway. Leaves may be placed in plastic bags and will be picked up at the curb during the scheduled program.
  • Only leaves will be collected during this fall's program.  Citizens are reminded that the citywide household trash and brush pickup will be scheduled in April or May. 

The leaf pickup schedule can also be found on the City’s website www.oakridgetn.gov.
For more information contact:  Waste Connections of Tennessee at (865) 482-3656.
News media contact: Candice Brogan at (865) 425-3546 or cbrogan@oakridgetn.gov.