The City Youth Advisory Board, created in 1991, serves as a liaison between the Oak Ridge City Council and the youth of the community. In the 22 years since its inception, the YAB has offered input on City issues and also provided activities and programs that enhance the lives of young people in Oak Ridge. 

On Wednesday, August 7, 2013 the newly appointed members of the City of Oak Ridge Youth Advisory Board attended their first meeting of the 2013-2014 term of office.  City staff liaison Matt Reedy conducted the meeting and Sandy Sexton of the City Clerk’s office assisted the members through the swearing-in process.  City Councilman Chuck Hope, who currently serves on the YAB Application Screening Panel, also attended the meeting to wish the students well on a new year.

YAB member Kelsey Warmbrod, an ORHS senior serving in her 5th term of office, was elected as YAB Chairwoman.  In other elections, 4th year member Shane Harris was elected as Vice-Chair, senior Abby Douglas was elected Secretary, and Peter Magill was elected Treasurer.

At the YAB meeting on Wednesday, August 21st YAB members will meet to set annual goals.  The YAB will vote on continuing some of its most popular events including Graduation Celebration, Turkey Bowl Disc Golf event, Dodgeball Tournaments, the Freshman-Sophomore Dance, Summer Jobs & Career Fair for Teens, Battle of the Teen Bands, and a Nashville Leadership trip.  Some of the new goals that have been suggested for 2013-2014 include flag football, pickleball, a scavenger hunt, teen news reporting, and more. 

“The discussion on goals is the most important discussion that we will have during the year,” Reedy said.  “Each YAB member will be given a chance to share an idea or dream for Oak Ridge and each of them will accept leadership responsibilities for at least one program or event during the year.  Board members will learn valuable skills through policy discussions, volunteering, event planning and partnership building which will be a benefit to them throughout their lives.” 

YAB meetings are held twice per month on Wednesday afternoons at the Oak Ridge Civic Center and are open to the public.  Board members serve a one-year term of office and must re-apply in May of each year.  If you have questions about the City YAB, contact Matt Reedy at 425-3442 or visit the City of Oak Ridge Recreation and Parks Department website at:

Pictured from left back row:  Jared Galloway, Peter Magill, Joel Turner, Ryan Mihealsick, Wesley Robinson, Kelsey Warmbrod, and Abby Douglas.  Front row:  Riley Mosby, Caroline Bradshaw, Lauren Collier, Shichen Zhang, Laura Skipper, Ashley Riedy, Shelby Chambers, Shane Harris, Koren Foglesanger, and Candace Pang.  Not pictured: Ricky Goyette & Lewis Wang