At the June 10, 2013 meeting, the Oak Ridge City Council approved a new revision of their Rules and Procedures which includes new measures for processing Proclamations.  This takes effect on August 1, 2013.

At that time, requestors will need to perform the following actions:  (1) specify if the proclamation is expected to be presented during a City Council meeting or at a non-city event, although a request to be on the City Council meeting agenda is not guaranteed; (2) include the requestor’s first and last name, address, telephone number, and organizational name (if warranted); (3) provide a brief summary and/or background of the event or organization should be provided, as well as draft text for the proclamation, including, but not limited to the “whereas” clauses; and (4) provide a date when the proclamation is needed, as well as the name of the day and date of the day, week, month that the event is proclaimed.

Additionally, all proclamations will need to be approved by the City Council before issuance.  The City Council agenda, via City Council’s new Rules and Procedures, will be published usually one (1) week prior to the regularly-scheduled City Council meeting.  For Oak Ridge residents and organizations looking ahead in interest of receiving a proclamation, the City Clerk’s Office can coordinate this interest for a proclamation to be approved at a City Council meeting. The City appreciates all the volunteer organizations and citizen involvement in our City, but due to the increasing number of request for proclamations, we need to establish some more definitive guidelines for future requests.

The City Clerk’s Departmental Website contains a complete summary of the overview, guidelines, and preparation of Proclamations, as well as an on-line Proclamation Request Form for convenience.

For more information or make a proclamation request, please contact the City Clerk’s Office at (865) 425-3411.

News Media Contact: Candice Brogan at (865) 425-3546 or