Fire Chief Darryl Kerley released information about the fire hydrant maintenance and painting program the department has in-progress at this time. The department is servicing and repainting all City owned fire hydrants in the community. "We are required to flush and service each hydrant every year, but this year we are attempting to repaint and color code the hydrants to meet the National Fire Protection Association standard for water flow quantities." You will be seeing the firefighters out in the community painting for the next several weeks. This project improves the look of our community and assures the fire hydrants are in good working condition.

During this process the department has discovered several fire hydrants, which are blocked or hidden by planted shrubbery and other landscaping activities. We want the community to know that the fire hydrants are located on the City right-of-way and should not have any bushes, trees or other obstructions within 3 feet of the rear of the hydrant (side facing the home or business and nothing within 15 feet in the front of the hydrant (roadside). Keeping our hydrants unobstructed and visible is an important part of the community fire protection. Not being able to locate the nearest fire hydrant could cause additional damage to your structure during a fire event.

Additionally, parking is not allowed within 15 feet of a fire hydrant in either direction along the road side of the hydrant. Fire crews have also identified several vehicles obstructing the use of the hydrant.

Please help the fire department protect your homes and business by keeping our fire hydrants visible and easy to locate. Please Practice Fire Safety Year Round

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