The City of Oak Ridge Recreation and Parks Advisory Board (Parks Board) will hold an Open House-style meeting on Thursday, March 21, 2013, 6:00pm–7:00pm to share information and solicit feedback on the development usage polices for the first dog park in Oak Ridge. The meeting will be held in the Social Room of the Recreation Center at 1403 Oak Ridge Turnpike. The Parks Board will hold its normally scheduled monthly Board meeting immediately following the Open House.

Radio Systems Corporation has agreed to give Oak Ridge $100,000 through Legacy Parks to help build a dog park. The Parks Board, its Dog Park Working Committee, and City staff have been working together to develop a dog park site plan, and the ground rules for park use to ensure that all dogs and their owners have a fun and safe area. The Open House will provide an opportunity to share information with the community, including background on the history of the dog park committee work and previous public engagement opportunities, the concept drawing for the site, and proposed park rules. The Parks Board and staff are also looking to generate interest in a Dog Park User Group that will help encourage appropriate park usage and care of the facility.

During the open house the Parks Board is interested in hearing perspectives from the community, and all citizens are invited and encouraged to attend the meeting and participate in the discussions.

This Open House session is the fourth in a series of quarterly open houses that the Parks Board has hosted to encourage greater citizen input and involvement in considering Oak Ridge Recreation & Parks policies, community activities, and future facility and parks development.

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