During the upcoming week, the company Vaulted Vending will be installing environmentally safe goose and duck feeders at Melton Lake Park on a trial basis. The new feeders are coin operated and will dispense a hand full of high protein pellets for $.25. Individuals can then throw the pellets into the water to feed the water fowl.

In the past, the City has discouraged feeding the water fowl due to the mess created by the birds and the harmful effects of feeding bread to the birds. Feeding birds the wrong kind of food, such as bread, can also make them more aggressive. "We hope the new feeders will eliminate the harmful bread from the bird’s diet, and will also move the birds away from the picnic facilities at the park," said Josh Collins, Director of the City’s Recreation and Parks Department.

Installation of the new feeders may also result in a modest revenue stream for park improvements. These feeders have been successful in numerous other communities that have large populations of geese and ducks.

For further information contact: Josh Collins, Recreation and Parks Department, at (865) 425-3450 or visit the city’s website at www.oakridgetn.gov.

News media contact: Candice Brown at (865) 425-3546 or cbrown@oakridgetn.gov.