The City of Oak Ridge Fire Department responded to a fire at the Royce Garden Apartments Complex, apartment 226. The fire occurred approximately 9:32 pm on October 11, 2012. The fire displaced five families totaling 14 people (six adults and eight children). The American Red Cross was called to the scene and provided standard lodging and meal assistance to the displaced families for the next two days.

The fire department found the third story apartment filled with smoke. Fire department personnel advanced fire hose to the third floor and extinguished the fire on the stove, which had been contained by the building sprinkler system. The fire was determined to be accidental due to cooking.

Three Fire Engines, one Rescue truck, one Tower truck, the Battalion Chief and the Fire Chief, along with an Anderson County Ambulance responded to the scene. A total of 20 emergency responders were on the scene for approximately two hours.

There were no injuries reported, although Anderson County Ambulance Service was the on-scene to examine the evacuated tenants if needed.

The scene was released back to the apartment manager at 11:34pm and most of the residents were able to return to their apartments at that time.

For more information contact: Darryl Kerley, Fire Chief, 867-755-5464; visit the city’s website at

News media contact: Candice Brown at (865) 425-3546 or