The City of Oak Ridge has become aware of a scam to steal money from our citizens. A customer has reported that she received a phone call reporting to be from the City of Oak Ridge Utility Business office.

The customer stated that she was told her that her account was more than 30 days past due and that if she needed to make a payment of at least $50.00 to an individual who would come by and collect the funds. If she did not make the payment, her power would be disconnected. The call came from a blocked phone number. We checked this customer’s account and it is not past due.

The City of Oak Ridge does not call delinquent customer or accept partial payments in the field. Additionally, all City employees carry identification wear uniforms and operate clearly labeled trucks.

Any citizen who receives a call regarding the status of their bill should check with the City’s business office by calling 865-425-3400.

For further information contact: Jack Suggs, Electrical Director City of Oak Ridge,; visit the city’s website at

News media contact: Candice Brown at (865) 425-3546 or