The City of Oak Ridge’s Recreation and Parks Department is partnering with a group of forestry students from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville (UTK) to conduct a tree inventory for the City. The class project is under the direction of Dr. Sharon Jean-Philippe.

The inventory will consist of trees in the rights-of-ways along major corridors, trees in public spaces, and trees in municipal parks, and will take place over the course of two or three semesters. Using information gathered from the inventory, the Recreation and Parks Department will initiate a tree planting plan in 2013.

The inventory will begin on Saturday September 15th at the west end of Oak Ridge near Rarity Ridge, and continue eastward along SR95/58 to the intersection with SR62.

Dr. Jean-Philippe and her students will be wearing bright orange vests marked with the UTK logo so they are identifiable from a distance.

This initial phase of the inventory will last approximately two weeks and when completed, the inventory will shift to other major thoroughfares which include Illinois Avenue, Rutgers Avenue, Lafayette Avenue, and Tulane Avenue.

For more information contact Athanasia Senecal Lewis, Community Development (865) 425-3574, or Jon Hetrick, Recreation and Parks Department, (865) 425-1867; visit the city’s website at

News media contact: Candice Brown at (865) 425-3546 or