Fire Chief Darryl Kerley released information about the fire department’s total training hours through the Tennessee Fire and Codes Academy for fiscal year 2012.      

Tennessee Fire and Codes Academy Director Roger Hawks recently informed the Oak Ridge Fire Department that they completed 3,970 hours of training which ranked 2nd in the state out of 734 fire departments.

Members of the Oak Ridge Fire Department completed training in multiple disciplines such as basic firefighter, arson investigation, fire instructor, fire officer, and pump operations.  The training hours through the academy require a tremendous amount of time and dedication by the members of the organization but only represent a portion of the training completed by Oak Ridge Fire Department members.  As of July 31 members of the ORFD have completed a total of 9,397 hours of training since January 1 through the State Academy, the National Fire Academy, and in-house training.  The department strives to see that each member of the organization achieves 240 hours of training per firefighter each year as required by the National Fire Protection Association and the Insurance Service Office.
As a result of these recent trainings the department recently had 10 members achieve national certification as Fire Instructor I.

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