In conjunction with the beginning of the new school year, the Oak Ridge Police Department reminds the public to be diligent and pay attention to driving speed. All school speeding zones will be in effect, and police officers will provide enhanced patrol in different geographic locations throughout the city.

Police Chief Jim Akagi noted the importance of taking extra precautions at the beginning of the
school year. “During the summer, we often get out of the habit of slowing down around school
zones. With school in session, please plan to take a little extra time to get to your destination.
Caution, slow driving, and common sense will help reduce traffic accidents and violations.”

Traffic enforcement cameras are operational in school zone locations at Oak Ridge High School
and Willow Brook Elementary. The school zone speed in front of the Oak Ridge High School on
Oak Ridge Turnpike is 20 miles per hour. The speed zone at Willow Brook Elementary on
Robertsville Road between Iroquois Avenue and Jefferson Avenue is 15 miles per hour. All other
school zones are clearly posted with the appropriate speed.

Drivers are also reminded to come to a complete stop for school bus “stop arms” and watch for
students loading, exiting, or crossing in front of the buses. Students are reminded to watch for
vehicle traffic as well.

Particular attention is warranted while students are present, both before and after school. Many
students walk or ride a bicycle to and from school, and drivers are encouraged to pay attention to
these students traversing around school facilities. With the exception of Glenwood Elementary,
crossing guards are available to assist students with crossing major intersections. Drivers,
parents, and students should look for the crossing guards and follow their directions.

Another important aspect of school safety is for individuals to be aware of their surroundings.
Drivers, parents, and students should report suspicious activity to the police department. Such
activity may include individuals who are loitering around schools with no apparent purpose,
unusual behavior of drivers or individuals in the area, or drug activity or drug exchanges.

Please call the police dispatcher at (865) 425-4399 or text 865-755-ORPD (6773) to report
reckless driving, suspicious activity, or any other criminal, medical or fire act.

News Media contact: Amy Fitzgerald, Government and Public Affairs (865) 425-3554 or