Cedar Hill Playground “Community Build” Kicks Off Tomorrow (May 18)

Cedar Hill Park, located at 601-603 Michigan Avenue, is about to become the busiest place in the City, as the community takes part in Community Build Week, a five-day playground construction blitz that begins on Wednesday, May 18 and concludes on Sunday, May 22.

During the build, over a thousand volunteers are expected to work together and construct the new playground. Unlike the original playground structure, the new playground will consist of composite lumber and plastic material that will ultimately require less maintenance and have a longer life expectancy.

Hundreds of volunteers have pledged their time in advance and hundreds more are expected to show up and contribute as their schedules allow. Here are a few details that participants need to know:

  • All volunteers will need to check-in on-site at the designated “volunteer” tent. Assignments will be made and volunteers can report to their designated work areas. Areas that still need support include construction, food, tools, and child care
  • Volunteer forms will still be accepted during the build for those wishing to schedule their time in advance. Forms will be available on-site, at the front desk of the Oak Ridge Civic Center, or on-line at Cedar Hill Park.
  • Child care will be available on-site for volunteers who wish to bring their children to the build during their work shift(s). The child care area has two requirements: (1) all children must be potty trained; and (2) parents or guardians must complete a child care waiver. These waivers are available on the project website under “volunteer.”
  • The Tools Committee has been successful in obtaining the tool donations necessary for the build. The only two items that remain are drills and wheelbarrows. Please contact Chuck Hope, Tools Coordinator, at (865) 388-9647 to arrange donations.
  • Volunteers who are participating in construction may bring their own tools on site. These volunteers will be assisted at the tool trailer to ensure that they are using the correct items for the build.
  • Volunteers are asked to park near the north end of the site (near Outer Drive) in the open field, or along Michigan Avenue in available parking spaces. The parking spaces near the playground will have limited availability, as most will be designated for special needs individuals and for uses specific to the build.
“Cedar Hill Park is going to be extremely busy during the build and we appreciate the neighborhood’s patience while we complete this community project,” says Josh Collins, Recreation & Parks Director.

“We also ask that people use caution when driving or walking to the build site and be aware of the busy conditions.”

The rebuild project will conclude with a special playground “Ribbon Cutting” Ceremony on Sunday, May 22 from 4:30 to 5:00 p.m. Once the ceremony concludes the new playground will open for the kid’s enjoyment.

For up-to-date information, please visit the Cedar Hill Park Playground Rebuild Project website at Cedar Hill Park.

News media contact: Diana Stanley (865) 425-3546 or dstanley@oakridgetn.gov.