Special Activities Planned for Children During Community Build Week

Children have always been the primary focus throughout the Cedar Hill Playground Rebuild Project and this is especially true during Community Build Week, May 18 – 22.

At the playground site, there will be a child care area provided during the five-day build where child care volunteers will provide fun and safe activities for the volunteer’s children while their parents dedicate their time to the Cedar Hill playground rebuild. In fact, the Child Care and Children’s Committees have teamed up to provide special activities unique to Oak Ridge, the playground, and the special opening ceremony on Sunday, May 22.

During the build, the children will be painting tiles that will be placed around the park to help add a personal style. Kids will also be asked to create a scrapbook page based on the child’s perception of how Oak Ridge appears to them, and later the pages will be compiled into a scrapbook. That scrapbook will eventually be a part of a Cedar Hill Playground Time Capsule that will be buried on site at a later date.

The committees have also planned exciting ideas for the May 22 opening ceremony. They will have t-shirts on hand for the children to design and wear during the special ceremony. At child care, the children will also be making the paper chain that will be strung as part of the ceremony and then cut to allow the children to play on the new playground. Members of the Children’s Committee are also going to be teaching the kids the “I’m An Oak Ridger” song that will be a part of the ceremony program.

A special invitation is being extended to the Oak Ridge school children who participated during November’s Design Day. “The Steering Committee would love for all the children who helped to provide the playground design last year to attend the Cedar Hill Playground Opening Ceremony and be a part of the conclusion of this project,” said Katy Brown, Children’s Committee Chair. “I think it would be quite an experience for the kids to see their playground ideas coming true.”

The Child Care Committee asks that parents only bring children who are potty trained to the child care area. The Committee has also taken all safety measures and precautions into account for the children’s protection. If parents have any questions about the child care provided during the build, please contact Amanda Murphy, Child Care Committee Chair at (865) 425-3450.

For more information about activities planned for the children contact Katy Brown, Children’s Committee Chair, at (865) 482-7821 or e-mail her at katy@oakridgevisitor.com.

For more information on the project, visit Cedar Hill Park.

News media contact: Diana Stanley (865) 425-3546 or dstanley@oakridgetn.gov.