Cedar Hill Playground Rebuild Project Nearing Construction Phase

On March 30th, members of the Cedar Hill Playground Rebuild Steering Committee met with the Project Coordinator and a Leathers and Associates Construction Consultant during Organization Day. Although committees have been meeting regularly for their tasks, Organization Day is a time where details of each of the project committee’s ideas are discussed while drafting a strategy for the last stages of the project leading up to Community Build Week, May 18-22.

In the time that has passed since a designer from Leathers and Associates visited for Design Day, a lot of work has been taking place by the Steering Committee. The design has been evaluated and revisions requested, publicity has kicked-off, volunteers are signing up, and food donations are underway.
“The Leathers and Associates Construction Consultant and I were quite pleased with the progress of the committees,” reported Jon Hetrick, Project Coordinator. “Our Community Build Week is going to be an exciting time in Oak Ridge and Leathers can’t wait to visit again in May to guide the community effort to provide our children with a brand new, up-to-date destination playground.”

Just before Organization Day took place, Leathers and Associates provided the final playground schematic for Cedar Hill Park. The schematic is available on-line by visiting the Cedar Hill Playground Rebuild Project website at Cedar Hill Park.

One important element that was discussed throughout Organization Day was the need for volunteers. The Cedar Hill Playground Rebuild is a project that will rely heavily on the support of the community and its volunteers. In addition to construction workers this project has several areas that need support including: child care; children’s committee; art, design, and special features; food; materials; special needs; public relations; and volunteers. If anyone has any questions about volunteer opportunities, please contact Athanasia Senecal Lewis, Volunteer Coordinator, at asenecal@oakridgetn.gov.

To learn more about this project, please visit orrecparks.oakridgetn.gov or contact Jon Hetrick, Project Coordinator at (865) 425-1867 or e-mail jhetrick@oakridgetn.gov.

News media contact: Diana Stanley (865) 425-3546 or dstanley@oakridgetn.gov.