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The Code Enforcement Division issues all Building Permits and is responsible for administering and enforcing codes and ordinances involving construction and repair of all buildings and structures in the City, including building, housing, plumbing, mechanical, electrical and zoning ordinances. Environmental and nuisance codes are also enforced by the Code Enforcement Division.

The Division continues its work on housing and redevelopment issues. Staff works with the Building Board of Adjustments and Appeals to evaluate properties that pose risks to the public or occupants’ safety.  The Code Enforcement Division administers both of these efforts, working closely with the Council-appointed Advisory Boards and neighborhood leaders, along with a host of professional organizations interested in neighborhood preservation efforts. 

Code Enforcement staff also provides support to the Board of Building and Housing Code Appeals and the Trade Licensing Board.


In 2021, the City of Oak Ridge transitioned to an online system to manage permitting and inspections, code enforcement, and planning and zoning processes. To apply for a building-related permit or to file a property complaint, go to the CityView Portal.


Information on the Generation Partners Program

CODES ADOPTED (as of September 2023)

2018 International Property Maintenance Code

2018 International Energy Conservation Code

2009 Accessible and Usable Buildings and Facilities Code (ICC A117.1-2009)

2018 International Building Code

2018 International Residential Code

2018 International Plumbing Code

2018 International Mechanical Code

2018 International Fire Code 

2017 National Electrical Code  

To access the three(3) day appeal form for housing code violations, please click here. This form must be returned in person to the Codes Enforcement Division within three(3) days of signing for your certified notice.

Building Official: Lisa Crumpley 


Codes Official: 

For General Information

To schedule inspections, report codes violations, city license information, or information about obtaining a permit we can be emailed at


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