Animal Control


Animal control is a division of the police department. Currently, the City of Oak Ridge has 3 full-time certified Animal Control Officers and 1 part-time Shelter Assistant. Animal Control is responsible for two different aspects of animal welfare. Employees handle animal related issues in the field and daily operations of the Oak Ridge Animal Shelter.

  • Enforcement
    • Notifications
    • City ordinance violations
    • State of Tennessee Code Annotated violations
  • Apprehension of animals at-large
  • Field patrol
  • Citizen complaint investigation
  • Cruelty complaint investigation
  • Public education
  • Promotion of rabies vaccinations and city registrations
  • Pick up and dispose of animal carcasses

Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency
handles all wildlife or bird issues – 800-332-0900.

  • Care for animals that have been surrendered or apprehended
  • Handle adoptions for animals at shelter
  • Veterinarians handle medical care, treatment, and surgeries of adopted animals
  • Information for lost animals
  • Quarantine of bite animals and suspected rabid animals
  • Rabies specimen transfer and analysis
  • Shelter educational tours
  • Release of animals


Animal control handles a variety of calls for service. These calls typically are generated from citizen’s reports or complaints. Other calls are generated from the police department. Citizens should contact and report animal incidents directly to the Animal Shelter during regular operating hours. After hours, citizens can call the animal shelter and leave a message. This is the best means to report a lost pet. A return call will be made. Serious or emergent animal issues should be made directly to the police dispatch when after hours.

  • Any animal incident impacting public safety
  • Animal bites
  • Cruelty and/or neglect
  • Animals at large
  • Suspicion of Rabies
  • Pick up of animal carcasses
  • Animal odor investigation
  • Lost or missing animals
  • Excessive barking