Neighborhood Watch History

In 1972, the National Sheriff's Association formed the Neighborhood Watch Program (NWP).  The City of Oak Ridge has participated in the NWP for many years.  The program is a unification of law enforcement agencies, residents and private organizations in an effort to reduce crime and improve neighborhoods.  The residents of Oak Ridge have made significant impacts on improving the quality of life for their communities. NWP members hold regular meetings within their areas, have neighborhood clean ups and social events, and also assist the police department at various events.  

The value of the Oak Ridge Neighborhood Watch Program (ORNWP) is priceless. There is no way to measure the amount of crime that is prevented by the presence of these active groups. However, it has been documented several times where ORNWP members have assisted the police department with arrests by reporting suspicious activity and persons to the police dispatch. Many burglars have been caught and drug dealers stopped all because of the vigilance of the citizens of Oak Ridge.