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Program Information

  • Any organization or group can participate.
  • They must sign an agreement for one (1) year where they agree to pick-up the litter from their adopted street at least once every two (2) months.
  • After the second pick-up, the City will erect an Adopt-A-Street sign displaying the organization's name.
  • Each group will select a coordinator and alternate, one of whom must be present at each pick-up session.
  • Prior to each pick-up session, the coordinators must go over the safety reminders with all of their participants.
  • Participants must be at least 12 years of age. Any participant between the ages of 12 through 17 years must sign the proper consent form prior to participation.

The following streets are included in the program. An asterisk (*) indicates the street has been adopted:

  1. Administration Road *
  2. Badger Avenue *
  3. Bear Creek Road (West End at CRIP)
  4. S. Benedict Avenue *
  5. Bethel Valley Road *
  6. Broadway *
  7. Bus Terminal Road *
  8. E. Tennessee Avenue (GA Ave. to NY Ave.) *
  9. East Division Road *
  10. Emory Valley Road “A” (Lafayette to Davidson) *
  11. Emory Valley Road “B” (Davidson to Melton Lake)
  12. Fairbanks Road
  13. Georgia Avenue (ORTP to TN)
  14. Gum Hollow Road *
  15. Jefferson Avenue (ORTP to Robertsville Rd.)
  16. S. Jefferson Circle
  17. Laboratory Road 
  18. Lafayette Drive 
  19. Mitchell Road *
  20. Melton Lake Drive “A” (Turnpike to Amanda) *
  21. Melton Lake Drive “B” (Amanda Dr. to Rivers Run)*
  22. Melton Lake Drive “C” (Rivers Run to Edgemoor)
  23. Providence Road
  24. Raccoon Road *
  25. Raleigh Road
  26. Robertsville Road (Illinois Ave. to ORTP) *
  27. Robertsville Road (Illinois Ave. to Jefferson Ave.)
  28. Rutgers Avenue *
  29. Scarboro Road “A” (S. Ill. Ave. to Union Valley Rd.) *
  30. Scarboro Road “B” (Union Valley Rd. to Bethel Valley Rd.)
  31. S. Tulane Avenue *
  32. E. Tulsa Road *
  33. Tulsa Road
  34. Tuskegee Drive (Illinois to Hampton)
  35. Tuskegee Drive (Hampton to South Hill)
  36. W. Tyrone Road
  37. Union Valley Road *
  38. Valley Court 
  39. Wilberforce Avenue (E. Tulsa Rd. to S. Benedict Ave.) *

Other streets may be added in the future as participation increases.

The Oak Ridge Turnpike (SR95), Illinois Avenue (SR62) and Edgemoor Road (SR170) are State highways and are included in the separate State of Tennessee’s Adopt-A-Highway program.