Upcoming Drop-off Dates:  October 26 

Operation Medicine Cabinet is an event held within a community in which individuals bring prescriptions and other over the counter medicines to the police department for destruction. Participants are not only asked to bring in the medicine but also the prescription bottle. Both will be destroyed separately. While the event is occurring, education material will be handed out. This can be an anonymous deposit of prescriptions. ORPD, in partnership with Allies for Substance Abuse Prevention (ASAP) of Anderson County, holds quarterly Operation Medicine Cabinet events in the ORPD parking lot. The operation is set up as a drive thru for your convenience. Contact Community Resource Officer Brandan Sharp for more information and dates of events at 865-556-6696 or via email bsharp@oakridgetn.gov.

ORPD has seen a rise in prescription abuse. Every day, 2,500 youth across America, age 12 to 17, abuse pain relievers for the very first time. More teens abuse prescription drugs than any illicit drug except marijuana. Because the drugs are so readily available, many teens and adults believe they are a safe way to get high. Seventy percent of people who abuse prescriptions say they get them from family or friends. Unfortunately, we cannot control the prescriptions that are given to individuals from physicians and nurse practitioners. However, we can make a big impact through education and proactive measures in the community and our schools.