how to renew items online

Renewing items online is easy with the following steps:

Step 1: Click on the Sirsi button below.
Step 2:  Type in your Library Card number in the user ID space.
(Your card number has 14 digits and begins with 2444.  Do not use spaces.)
Step 3:  Enter your PIN number. 
(Your PIN is available at the Main Desk ONLY.)
Step 4:  Click My Account at top of page.
Step 5 Click Renew My Materials.
Step 6:   You will need to re-enter your card # and PIN.
Step 7 Click Charged Items 
Step 8 Select items for renewal 
Step 9 Click Selected Items 
Step 10 A list of the successfully renewed materials will be shown. 
Step 11  Click OK 

Items that are on hold cannot be renewed.  
Videos and DVDs cannot be renewed. 
Items can only be renewed once.