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Does the Library Have a Database of Local Obituaries?

The Library’s Obituary File is a record of obituaries that appeared in two local newspapers, The Oak Ridge Journal and The Oak Ridger from 1943 to the present.

The database can be searched on the Library’s website, Click on Departments & Services, then, click on Obituary Index.

 The database includes :

  •  the name of the deceased,
  •  the date of death,
  •  the date the obituary appeared,
  •  and the page number.

 Obituaries may be viewed on microfilm or in the bound volumes of The Oak Ridger. Copies may be printed for 10 cents each or you can save the information to a USB device. Obituaries that were published after February 1997 can be searched in Newsbank.

Please contact Reference at 425-3455 if you need assistance searching the obituary database.