art show

Current Display:

The art display at Oak Ridge Public Library for July is a collection of realistic oil paintings and prints created by Rockney McNamara.

Mr. McNamara enjoys all art, but states, “I’m from the old school of art.” A native of Minnesota, he grew up surrounded by wildlife and wildlife artists, so nature and the outdoors figure prominently in his compositions.

He enjoys painting oceans, ships, and other nautical scenes. He often visits libraries to get the exact specifics for his paintings, as he did for two compositions of clipper ships. Lifelike details are also seen in his paintings of duck and geese which were submitted for the Colorado duck stamp program.

One scene painted on domestic turkey feathers demonstrate Mr. McNamara’s love for wildlife and his delicate skill with a brush. Cow Lick is a humorous portrait of Dudley, a cow living at The Gentle Barn in Knoxville, where Mr. McNamara has given painting lessons to children.

Please visit Oak Ridge Public Library during the month of July to view the striking landscapes and oil paintings that are on display.


Would you like to share your collection or advertise your talent?
Not only will your collection be viewed and appreciated by library patrons, but information about the collection will also be shared on the library’s website and the Oak Ridger newspaper.

Please call the library at 425-3455 to reserve a month for your display.