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August brings an exciting collection of black and white ink drawings by artist Sharon McFadden. Originally from middle Tennessee, Sharon has lived in eight different states and over twenty-five cities, but she now calls East Tennessee her home.

In 2006, Sharon began her "black ink on white paper" drawing, using mostly black gel pens on white watercolor paper. Needing a restful way to de-stress, she started pencil sketching for several months, and then decided to teach herself to draw black and white silhouettes. She continues to draw silhouettes, and has added some other types of black and white drawing styles to her creations. She draws as much as she can every day because she realizes that since she has waited so many years to pursue something she loves, she also has wasted many years of practice time.

Some of Sharon’s drawings are more abstract than others, if there can be a degree of abstractness. Many of the images are her favorite subjects from nature: butterflies, flowers, birds, and trees. She likes the challenge of attempting to portray beauty, fragility and strength with the crisp contrast between black and white. Whether observing or envisioning everyday objects as silhouettes or basic black and white renderings, the process has helped her to gain a new perspective on life and its pure simplicity.

Ms. McFadden finds the art process to be a great stress reducer as well as a good outlet for creative energy, so she hopes to keep expanding and trying new aspects of art as she learns and grows in the creative arena. When she initially started drawing, she called her art ALABIS (A Little Abstract Black Ink Silhouettes), but since varying her style and adding color, her new moniker is "Jean of Art."

Please visit the Oak Ridge Public Library during the month of August to view the wonderful drawings on display.

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