art show

Current Display:

The art exhibit at Oak Ridge Public Library for the month of December consists of a collection of photographs depicting Y-12 activities from the Library’s Oak Ridger Collection. These photographs range in date from the mid 1950s to the 1980s.

Two of the images show the weighing and return shipment of the tons of silver borrowed by the Manhattan Project from the United States Treasury.

“Big Toot,” the steam whistle that blew for all shift changes is shown standing proudly above the Y-12 complex. Reportedly, it was loud enough to be heard in parts of Knox County.

Open House tours, new security fences and special environmental assembly areas are also featured in this exhibit.

Please come and enjoy this historic collection at Oak Ridge Public Library during the month of December.


Would you like to share your collection or advertise your talent?
Not only will your collection be viewed and appreciated by library patrons, but information about the collection will also be shared on the library’s website and the Oak Ridger newspaper.

Please call the library at 425-3455 to reserve a month for your display.