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The art exhibit at Oak Ridge Public Library for the month of October/November is a collection of photography by Rachael Quammie.

Ms. Quammie is a native of Florida but recently moved to Oak Ridge. She has loved the arts since a young child and loves attending museum events and looking at paintings, sculpture and pottery. She started photography as a hobby in 2006 with a Canon Rebel EOS 35mm camera and used only film until the summer of 2013. She converted to digital images mainly because of the lack of film processing centers. She now utilizes a Canon Rebel T4 for her work. She uses the creations of professional photographer Steve McCurry as inspiration.

Ms. Quammie appreciates being able to capture a moment in time with her camera and focuses mainly on wildlife, people, architecture and landscapes. She does not have any formal training in photography, but she is currently building a strong portfolio and hopes to establish her own independent business.

One of her images, A Summer’s Swim, is currently showing at the Oak Ridge Museum of Art for Open Show. She plans to showcase more of her work in other libraries in the Knoxville area and as well as the Emporium in June 2015.

Bright colors, movement and repetition figure prominently in this exhibit, especially in her series of scenes from carnivals. Her portraits of cats, flamingos and geckos seem introspective with a focus on the eyes of the animal.

Please come and enjoy this exciting art show at Oak Ridge Public Library.

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